Thursday, May 12, 2011

40 Africans Perspective on Cloud Computing : Video Documentary Project

Cloud Computing has been grossly misunderstood by a lot of people. Why some see it as the latest buzzword, others see it as a glimpse of the future. The definition of Cloud Computing is multi-faceted because people define it based on their own perspective.

We been running an independent research on Cloud Computing in Africa for the past 6 months and I need to get your perspective on Cloud Computing. What we intend to achieve with this is that I want to show that though our definition of the subject matter is singular, yet we have a shared understanding of it. We would also write a book based on the feedback I get.

We would also run a video documentary of this research. On the interim, what we need is your definition of Cloud Computing in text. It should be short and simple because we would be getting feedback from 4o African Experts on the subject matter.

Please send your thoughts to Looking forward to getting a reply from you.

Kind Regards!

Ubong Udoh
Summer School World Series Programme Chair
cc:The African Summer School on Cloud Computing, Cloud Identity and Virtualization Technologies

N.B: It should be in this format. These where the earlier feedbacks I got from two colleagues.

"The way I understand it, “cloud computing” refers to the bigger picture…basically the broad concept of using the internet to allow people to access technology-enabled services. According to Gartner, those services must be 'massively scalable' to qualify as true 'cloud computing'. So according to that definition, every time I log into Facebook, or search for flights online, I am taking advantage of cloud computing."
- Praising Gaw
"I view cloud computing as a broad array of web-based services aimed at allowing users to obtain a wide range of functional capabilities on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis that previously required tremendous hardware/software investments and professional skills to acquire. Cloud computing is the realization of the earlier ideals of utility computing without the technical complexities or complicated deployment worries."
- Jeff Kaplan